The standard serves as a framework to assist organizations in developing their own environmental management system. ISO 14001 can be integrated with other management functions and assists companies in meeting their environmental and economic goals.

ISO 14001, as with other ISO 14000 standards, is voluntary, with its main aim to assist companies in continually improving their environmental performance, whilst complying with any applicable legislation. Organizations are responsible for setting their own targets and performance measures, with the standard serving to assist them in meeting objectives and goals and the subsequent monitoring and measurement of these.

The standard can be applied to a variety of levels in the business, from organizational level, right down to the product and service level. Rather than focusing on exact measures and goals of environmental performance, the standard highlights what an organization needs to do to meet these goals. Success of the system is very dependant on commitment from all levels of the organization, especially top management, who need to be actively involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of the environmental management system. ISO 14001 is known as a generic management system standard, meaning that it is applicable to any size and type of organization, product or service, in any sector of activity and can accommodate diverse socio-cultural and geographic conditions.

Torni Automatici srl achieved the certification following standard ISO14001 in 2007.

certificazione SGS

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