Torniautomatici – The power of precision


TORNI AUTOMATICI is equipped with cutting-edge machine tools with high tecnology in research that guarantee precision and reduced production times: all machines are powered by automatic bar loaders.

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Quality assurance

TORNI AUTOMATICI has highly qualified and continuously updated personnel, a metrological laboratory with state of the art equipment: both of these allow TORNI AUTOMATICI to meet the customer’s specifications. It has been operating according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard since 2000 and has achieved over the years a high level of “maturity” and effectiveness of its quality management system


High-tech, quality, organization

Torni Automatici srl is the choice of leading national and international companies for the execution of their products in the various fields of application of the industry: hydraulics, agricultural, naval, automotive and others.

Thanks to the constant updating of their technological level, the quality system and the consolidated experience in the processing of raw materials, today they can satisfy the needs of any type of application


With a view to continuos improvement and to satisfy the needs of an increasingly complex market, TORNI AUTOMATICI has decided to transfer all the processes relating to logistics to a secondary location: from the parts washing and degreasing plant to the acceptance and handling of materials up to storage in the latest generation automated vertical warehouses. Respect for the environment and the community pushes the company to supply reusable plastic containers, reducing excessive costs and significant environmental impacts.